The Modern Kitchen Collection


The Modern Kitchen Collection is a new kitchen linen range produced under license with Ulster Weavers and is based on some of our much loved designs, including Paisley Crescent, Pavilion, Backgammon and Darjeeling and includes a selection of tea towels, oven gloves and aprons, with mix-and-match patterns ranged in three of Mini Moderns signature colour stories.

We previously produced a small range of kitchen accessories, but always had bigger ambitions in this category. The quality of the Ulster Weavers product really impressed us, so we were delighted to have the opportunity to work with them.

This collaboration has allowed us to considerably expand the range, with more pattern and product. In addition, all the products are beautifully gift packaged, making them more exciting to merchandise.

The full collection is available online now with a collection of Whitby products to launch in the new year.


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