Camberwell Arts Festival merchandise by Mini Moderns and Open Studios

For the second year running we have collaborated with Camberwell Arts Festival to create a bespoke range of merchandise and once again we have designed and helped produce these for free ensuring that any profits go directly to the Camberwell Arts Festival charity. It is an honour to be asked and to be able to do our small bit for our area and the Arts Festival.


If you loved and bought the mugs we created for the 20th anniversary of Camberwell Arts Festival in 2014, you can extend your range with two fantastic new styles. Not only that, we have also designed a canvas bag and tea towel. Camberwell Arts Merchandise 2015_21_05_2015_000-6

The theme for the festival this year is feast – and our illustrations on the products show 4 of Camberwell’s icon food shops or eateries. Those of you who know the area will instantly recognise them.

Camberwell Arts Merchandisebag2

You can buy the collection by visiting the Camberwell Arts Festival merchandise web site to pre-order and collect at the Art Market on the 20th June. As with last years merchandise – these products are in limited quantity and are only produced for the Festival. Once they’re gone – they’re gone! So avoid disappointment by visiting:

You can also buy them at our Open Studio event which runs from June 26-28th:


Friday 26th June  (Preview evening) 18.00 – 21.00
Saturday 27th June 11.00 – 18.00
Sunday 28th June 11.00 – 18.00

10 Empress Mews
London SE5 9BT

Come along and say hello.
You can download the guide with a map to all the studios taking part here:

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