Mini Moderns re-style a classic white kitchen in Vinny Lee’s new book ‘Kitchenalia’


We were asked by Vinny Lee to ‘minimodern-ise’ a classic white kitchen in her new book ‘Kitchenalia’ published by Jacqui Small publishing. We styled the kitchen using both vintage kitchen and dining ware as well as our own products. Some of our vintage pieces included our Cherry Tree dinner service designed by Nigel Wilde in 1962 for Midwinter potteries, as well as our Woods Ware ‘Beryl’ tea set.

We painted the kitchen in our ‘Lido’ Environmentally Friendly paint, as well as wallpapering in our ‘Darjeeling’ and ‘Paisley Crescent’ wallpaper also in ‘Lido’.

Mark says in the book: “We used our Darjeeling wallpaper because it has a tiled look, making it instantly appropriate to the kitchen. We offset the freshness of this tessellated design with our rich 1970s-style Paisley Crescent wallpaper, used in the china cupboard and area above the stove. Then we added areas of plain blue Lido paint from our Environmentally Responsible Paints range. The pattern of the vintage Midwinter Cherry Tree china in the plate rack and cupboard combines the turquoise colour with olive and orange, so we brought together some new and old pieces that tied in with those colours, then added the “Granny Takes a Trip” framed print for a bit of retro graphic humour.”

kitchen 2

Other designers who accepted the challenge to make over the kitchen were House of Hackney and Summerill & Bishop. And it shows how 3 very different looks can be achieved with the same space.

Kitchenalia by Vinnie Lee is published by Jacqui Small publishing

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